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Search using only a Planning application number

If you wish to search using just a planning application number all you need to type into the "Application Number box" is the planning application number as it appears on Council documents eg. RU.15/0001.
You must include the full stop after the RU and the / between the numbers and then press the "search" button.
For historic applications they should be typed with the full stop eg.

Searching using a "wildcard" searches

You can search Runnymede applications using the % for the "wildcard" searches.
Using the % sign (above the 5 on a computer keyboard) in various places within the search criteria you can expand your search. The text is also not case sensitive eg. %high% is the same search as %HIGH% or %High%.
Try and be as specific as possible eg. using just %high% will return a large number of applications.

Searches within the application number

Using the wildcard search %09/011% will recall all those applications which were registered in 2009 and have "011" within their application number (RU.09/0011, RU.09/0110 etc).

Searches within the application address

To search for properties within the address field you can use the wildcard searches as follows:

%bourne will return all properties with "bourne" somewhere within the address eg. Bourne House, Selbourne Avenue, River Bourne Health Club, Bourneside Road

%RU.15% within the application number search box and %crown% within the application address will return all applications from 2015 with "crown" within the address.

If you are still unable to find what you are looking for using the application search you may be able to find it using the Council's Interactive Mapping Service (rMaps)

Searches dates

To ensure accurate results when searching on dates please complete both the "FROM" and "TO" date fields.
If you do not enter either a "TO" or "FROM" date this will default to todays date eg. If you enter today's date in the Date Application Received "FROM" and leave the "TO" date blank - the value for "TO" date will be today's date returning all applications received today.

Dates must be typed as digits with / in-between eg. 01/01/2015 or 01/01/15.

INVALID Applications

Applications which have the words "INVALID" at the end of the application number are applications where insufficient information was received by the agent/applicant to register the application and therefore the Local Planning Authority will not determine the planning application until the outstanding information is submitted or application made. However, the details of these invalid applications are shown on the system for information

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Telephone: 01932 425131

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