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Application Search

To search the database you must enter either an application number or at least one of the other search criteria.

You can enter values in more than one field if required and the search will return any application meeting all the search criteria.

None of the fields are case sensitive so an entry of "HIGH" or "high" will return the same results.

% wildcard search can be used in the application number field e.g. %09/011% or Site Address field e.g. %Crown Road%

To ensure accurate results where searching on dates please complete both the "FROM" and "TO" date fields.

If you do enter either a "TO" or "FROM" date this will default to todays date e.g. If you enter today's date

in the Date Application Received "FROM" and leave the "TO" date blank - the value for "TO" date will be today's date returning all applications received today.

Search Criteria

Date Search